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Study Online

Would you like to learn English anywhere in the world?


Online English classes are delivered by Southern Lakes English College (SLEC), fully owned by the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT).

Students are required to attain a specific level of English proficiency before commencing their online classes. They will be evaluated by our teachers.

We offer two online options:

  • Intermediate level for those who aim to achieve an IELTS score of 5.5

  • Upper-Intermediate level for those who aim to achieve an IELTS score of 6.5. This will allow students to continue their studies beyond English at SIT or any other institute or country.


Students have the option to take exams in their home country. If they attain the necessary score and choose to enrol at SIT, $400 NZD will be deducted from the total SIT main course fees in order to cover the exam cost.

Costs and Timetable

Online courses are offered for a minimum duration of 3 months starting every Monday, at a rate of $125 for 8 hours per week.

Classes run from Monday to Thursday at 11am NZ time.

8pm Argentina - Uruguay - Brazil

7pm Bolivia - Venezuela - Dominican Republic - Chile - Paraguay

6pm Peru - Colombia - Panama - Mexico - Ecuador

5pm Guatemala - El Salvador - Costa Rica

Please note that the timetable may vary according to each country's local time.

SIT Programmes

Check the SIT website for the all the programmes available for those who choose to study further!

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