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General English

Southern Lakes English College provides a fun, motivating, communicative approach to English learning. Our General English courses ensure that students make excellent progress in all areas of English, with a special focus on speaking and listening skills. ​

We have classes available for different levels of English speaking with the ability to rise levels as students' progress. 

Elementary 🡺 Pre-Intermediate 🡺 Intermediate 🡺 Upper Intermediate 🡺 Advanced 

Students improve quickly with our English-only policy and extracurricular activities after school.

Classes concentrate on developing fluency and confidence in English for use in everyday life. Students develop speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills in a communicative way.

Students are tested every week and have the opportunity to advance to higher levels as their skill with English improves. The average class size is 12-14 students, with a maximum of 18 students per class for face-to-face courses and 16 students per class for Online courses. Smaller class sizes allow students to enjoy more one-on-one time with their teacher, allowing for faster learning.

In order to support academic growth, feedback reports are also given to students. This is in the form of a tutorial with the teacher and written feedback with a Learner Action Plan from both student and teacher.

A certificate of attendance and a final graduation report is awarded at graduation. A certificate of attendance is only rewarded to a student if their attendance has scored over 80%.

Courses run from January to December with a 3-week summer break in the Christmas and New Year period.


Monday to Thursday

Lesson: 08:30 AM - 2 PM

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