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About Us

Southern Lakes English College offers a range of intensive English programs to suit any student throughout their journey to learn English, providing expert help to students in any stage of academic life.

Our expert staff make it easy for you to achieve your English goals and prepare you for success in a wide range of contexts, including for further study and for business.

Study with us

Our lessons include a varied approach to learning English, allowing you to develop confidence when using English in both academic and informal settings.


  • Classes have a strong emphasis on communication.

  • You will be encouraged to use a wide range of vocabulary.

  • Each class provides opportunities to practice your pronunciation skills and you will learn to communicate confidently and accurately with other English speakers.


  • You will engage in listening to a wide range of both formal and informal language.

  • Learning will include a variety of accents from around the English-speaking world.


  • You will read a variety of genres and learn techniques for comprehension.

  • You will learn how to employ devices such as skimming and scanning, prediction and inference to find and process information.


  • You will be taught elements of several different writing genres, including techniques required to structure text in an appropriate way.

  • Our teachers will instruct you in a wide range of grammatical devices, and you will learn how to use both academic and informal vocabulary in a written context.




We have classes available for different levels of English speaking with the ability to rise levels as students progress.

Elementary 🡺 Pre-Intermediate 🡺 Intermediate 🡺 Upper Intermediate 🡺 Advanced 🡺 IELTS/PTE

Queenstown campus offers an exam preparation class for the IELTS exam

Invercargill campus offers an exam preparation class for the Pearson PTE exam.

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