General Fees

Registration Fee

NZ$ 250

(Paid only once)

Coursebook Deposit

(invoiced in advance)

NZ$ 80

(NZ$ 40 refundable on departure if the book is returned in good condition)

Note: The refund is optional and the student may choose to keep the book instead.

General English Full-Time

1 - 5 Weeks

NZ$ 415 per week

6 - 12 Weeks

NZ$ 405 per week

13 - 23 Weeks

NZ$ 375 per week

24 - 52 Weeks

NZ$ 360 per week

General English Part-Time

1 - 7 Weeks

NZ$ 315 per week

8+ Weeks

NZ$ 300 per week

Academic Option

Preferred entry into an Academy class *class type not guaranteed.

Classes use a range of academic materials including IELTS, PTE, Cambridge FCE and CAE

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